How to clean and store makeup cosmetic brushes

How to clean makeup cosmetic brushes?
Wipe off the remaining cosmetics by brushing along the paper face in order to make your skin against the infringement of bacteria , clean the brush at least once a month, soak the cosmetic brush in diluted warm soapy water, then rinse clean in cold water. Gently dry the moisture with tissue paper, finishing on the dry towel to dry. Cosmetic brushes shall be dried naturally after washing , do not use a hair dryer or dry under the sun, otherwise which may wound material; you could use the hair milk to dip and wash the makeup cosmetic brushes to make the bristles softer .

How to store cosmetic brush?
General brand shall be equipped with the appropriate cosmetic bag, compact cosmetic bag is suitable for travel brush with short handle or travel brush, big one is suitable for storing large professional makeup brush, it is preferably to insert makeup brushed with its head on commonly used in cosmetic tube, long-handled brush is preferable, but it is inconvenient to carry, so you should choose a portable makeup brushes sets or a standard sets according to your needs.


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What is the cosmetic makeup brush

As the name suggests,cosmetic makeup brush is a brush mainly used as makeup tool for cosmetic beauty , we shall firstly make sure where it is mainly used before figuring out what exactly cosmetic makeup brush is.

Face  cosmetic brush:Powder paint brush,blush brush ,shadow brush, foundation brush, Biying brush,high light brush, shadow brush,Fan-shaped brush

Eye  cosmetic  brush: shadow brush (different sizes) SUMI brush, concealer brush,eyeliner brush (aqueous flat eyeliner brush, water-soluble eyeliner brush),Eyeshadow,eyebrow brush,mascara brush,eyebrow comb
Lip: Lip Brush

Then what are the  cosmetic makeup brush features:

Loose paint – hold & makeup

Blush brush – sweep blush

Foundation  cosmetic makeup brush – fine wool fiber with liquid foundation \ Sponge picks up directly to brush on the face

Eye shadow brush – sweep with the use of makeup brushes with different size for three-dimensional eye makeup

Fan Brush – sweep the eye remaining powder or face remaining powder

Covering Brush- with the use of concealer/ can also be used as a small eye shadow brush

Eyebrow brush – can be used with single-dual color eyebrow

Eyeliner Brush – Eyeliner with water-soluble

Fine Eyeliner Brush – use with eyeliner cake and water-soluble liner

Lid lip brush – a lip brush with lipstick or lip gloss is convenient and hygienic

Mascara brush – for finishing the eyebrows and eyelashes finishing

Dual-use eyebrow comb – for finishing the eyebrows and eyelashes finishing

Last,what is the cosmetic makeup brush made of?

Mink: moderate hardness, good elasticity, suitable for eye shadow brush.

Horse hair: moderate hardness but not as good as mink elastic, used as eye shadow brush.

Wool: soft, durable, multi-scattered paint, eye shadow brush.

Squirrel hair: soft, expensive, generally used only as shadow brush.

Rayon: suitable for covering liquid and cream foundation.

Nylon: The texture is most hard, used as mascara brush, eyebrow brush.

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Why use makeup brushes

Makeup brush can improve your makeup skills. Different brushes is specifically customized for different parts of the face of the body. Large soft brush is able to easily make color pretty uniform thin; slim and compact makeup brushes enables powder coating more finer.

Many women have never mean to purchase cosmetics, but they tend to use low-quality makeup tools. Due to lack of proper makeup tools, even if the purchase of high-quality cosmetics is worth the candle. Using the right tools makeup, your makeup will become simple and easy, makeup effect would be more professional.

The makeup brush can be used for a long time despite a quality makeup brushes is expensive as long as we properly use. Cosmetic products would be occasionally expired and run out or damaged, all of which would be eliminated by professional makeup tools. So you are surprised by cosmetic product saved because of a complete make-up tools while you can also use some of the multi-functional cosmetic products. Be sure to apply different colors with different brushes, otherwise it will be impossible to successfully toning.

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How to buy the impressed hair straightener brush

Hair straightener is pouring recently; there are sorts of hair straightener including electric hair straightener brush and flat iron flooding at retailer store , Amazon ,Ebay ect ;but how to buy a impressed electric hair straightener brush is very confusing;take it easy!ONU MALL would like to tell you what we know;here we go!

First of all,you need to make sure where the hair straightener brush originates from,take China where most of straightener are made for example,majority of quality straightener made in Shenzhen China is superior to most of those originated from Zhejiang province China despite those made in Zhenjiang is generally 1.5-2 USD cheaper than those made in Shenzhen factory;the PCBA of knock offs made in Zhejiang is generally 1cm narrower than those with sound quality in Shenzhen;The PCBA is the most important part in hair straightener iron; It dominates how long a hair straightener heat up and how the stability is.

Then.Some brush is cheap, some flat iron brushes is higher in price, you are always getting what you pay, just buy the one certified by CE,ROHS ; some brand is known as quality while the price is disappointed;definitely,just switch to those slightly cheaper double checked by QC team in the factory ,do not be tempted by those with attractive packaging without CE ROHS certification and QC testing.

Furthermore,you must heat it 2-3 minute before use;make sure the flat iron straighten a pinch of hair and carding slowly in practical applications;

Above all,for a wholesaler ordering big quantity, try to ask the factory marking your customizable LOGO on brush making your product unique; given how to choose a quality supplier,the most important factor is to ensure your supplier have doing leakage of electricity test;which is a fatal factor and related to whether the brush could safely used; moreover, you need to check out whether your supplier have past by CE,ROHS ;Thirdly, make sure your supplier factory have QC team; the hair straightener from ONU MALL factory has strictly been tested for 30 minutes/PC by our QC team ;which will undoubtedly assure that the straightener brush could be heated timely and LCD work in good condition;So if you make a order ,what must be emphasized is that all of the brush shall be tested before delivery.You must ensure that all of the straightener brush through the appropriate safety tests even if sometimes the delivery would be missed because of the test.

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How to choose a right comb brush featuring your unique logo

Majority of us do not know how to properly choose a right comb brush featuring your unique logo according to hair quality despite we use the comb everyday,there are pretty sorts of comb brushes flooding on the market,which are currently plastic comb, nylon comb and those which easy to produce static electricity, damage hair, all of which priced at super low price make the hair dry and easily broken. In addition, static electricity produced by these combs will stimulate the skin of the head, which is unfavorable to the health of scalp and hair roots.

How do you correctly choose hair comb? Just follow onu-mall to give you what its unique use of various types of comb.

1, the general plastic plate comb: This is the most common family comb, generally used for combing hair and roots. Suitable for combing the hair before blow-dry or removing dust on the hair before shampoo.

2, sparse plate comb: comb body with a pad, shaped comb inserted a plastic comb roots. Pad on the comb body is specially used for the scalp, scalp to promote blood circulation, help prevent hair loss.

3, roller comb: easy to transform the straight hair into the wavy hair, also for combing hair volume and coarse hair.

4, iron roller comb: for the quickest and easiest to comb the curly hair. Comb roots and comb body are ferrous materials, good thermal conductivity contribute to the hair combed into curls.

5, dolphin comb hair roller: roller comb made by dolphin is pretty useful for blowing hairstyle.

6,straightening comb including electric straightener brush and flat iron: unlike the common flat iron, the latest fashionable hair straighteners  comb unveiled by onu-mall recently with double sided active frizz-control ionic generator which releases ions to smooth the hair cuticle;ball tipped bristles and flexible cushion base of the straightening comb is specially for optimal comfort;meanwhile,the straightening comb exclusively designed with seamless bristles to protect your hair well;furthermore,the ionic technology makes your hair more shines, more smoothness;all of the features above of the straightening comb attribute to the repair of frizzy hair and make your hair significantly more manageable;

Now, you have learned that which combs we usually use, and then be able to choose the right one make you more unique.

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